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Fire up your Bunsen burners and join award-winning comedian Laura Lexx as she attempts to pass her Science GCSEs (all over again) with the help of nerdy younger brother, Ron. Every week the squabbling siblings dissect a topic from the baddest educational document on the planet - the UK’s National Curriculum. Microbiology, magnetism, manganese…can long-suffering Ron explain atomic structures or will Laura be forever banging her head against the periodic table? Whether you love thermodynamics - or ridiculous family dynamics - Lexx Education takes you back to your school days to find out whether it’s possible to relearn your GCSEs…or be forever doomed to looking things up on Wikipedia.

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5 days ago

In their third trip around the science sun, the science siblings pass by Chemistry again to see what's new. There's time for a quick brushing up on atomic structure to see what Laura has retained from last chemistry, and then it's on to new ground. In order to look at the periodic table Ron needs to describe the difference between a row and a column, and then it all gets a bit dreamy as they look at how Mendeleev thought up the Periodic Table. Ron is his very patient best as he tries to work through the alkali metals explaining their different properties. Interruptions this week include a cat, Laura, and a ghost ambulance. An autogenerated transcript of this episode can be found on our blog: https://lexxeducation.blogspot.com/   Powered by podspike.com

Monday Aug 01, 2022

After the burning trash pile that was last week’s attempts to delve further into physics, the science siblings are thrilled to be back in the warm comforting arms of biology. Mmmmmm cosy.   Biology 3 picks up from where they left off last time with cell specialisation but this time Ron is teaching Laura about the all powerful totipotent cells: Stem Cells. Much to both Laura and Ron’s relief, Laura has heard of these.   They chat uses for stem cells, where cem stella can be found in the body, Laura comes up with a really good film idea and Ron shoots it down. They discuss how cells divide and replicate, and how cloning can be used in people, plants and Royal Families to make sure the DNA is always good.   If you’re enjoying Lexx Education please consider giving us a star rating and/or review wherever you listen to your podcasts. It really helps us find our audience and shows other listeners they can have faith that we’re worth giving a go!   An autogenerated transcript of this episode can be found on our blog: https://lexxeducation.blogspot.com/   Powered by podspike.com

Monday Jul 25, 2022

It's that time again: Physics. Not the science siblings favourite but maybe their second time round to it will improve their relationship with the forces of nature? No. If this podcast had ever had wheels we might say that this was where they came off. Ron tries to persuade Laura that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and Laura asks if tables are made of jelly and why the floor wants a ball to be in the sky. They get distracted on what exactly a person should picture when picturing a pendulum and Laura breaks the record for the most times a person needlessly says "down" on a podcast. It's Newton's Laws as you've never heard them before as Ron does his very best to get to grips with Resultant Forces despite Laura's absolute inability to play along.   Here is the interactive periodic table as brought to our attention by Paisley Buddie on Twitter, so thank you for that: https://ptable.com/#Properties An auto generated transcript of this episode and all our other episodes are available here: https://lexxeducation.blogspot.com/ Aaand don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode, and please do give us a positive review if you're enjoying yourself so we can reach listeners far and wide. We'll see you next week when we cycle back round to beloved biology...   Powered by podspike.com

Monday Jul 18, 2022

Welcome back to the chemistry lab… it’s our second delve into the world of atoms, electrons, neutrons and protons AKA Bob Marley, sound engineers, sad boys and parties!   This week Ron tries to introduce the concepts of Relative Charge and Relative Mass to a Laura that still can’t quite remember whether she’s talking about cells or atoms. Even if she could remember, the fact they both have nucleus’ apparently renders them both stupid and pointless anyway.   There’s also going to be maths. Gross, horrible, number filled maths… Laura tries to get her head around the sums that will let her know the average weight of an atom, and why isotopes are more than a baseball team.   What is an isotope? Will we find out? If we find out is there any chance of it staying in the swamp brain? Join the sciencey siblings for more arguing, baffling analogies and squabbling over who is paying attention.   Lexx Education is partnered with Podspike. Podspike have been integral to the launch of Lexx Education; helping with marketing advice, strategies and assets. Contact Podspike today for help with your podcast. Powered by podspike.com   If you like your podcasts written down, an automatically generated transcript of this podcast is available here: https://lexxeducation.blogspot.com/   Don’t forget to subscribe and rate us on your chosen podcast app: a 5* review for Lexx Education really makes all the difference in helping us find more people like you who love our nonsense.   See you next week, when we’re back to the dreaded physics…

Monday Jul 11, 2022

Every week Ron and Laura meet up to cover a little bit more of the GCSE Science syllabus and try and re-teach laura GCSE science. This week they return to biology, and attempt again to get Laura to understand that cells and atoms are different things. Maybe one day it will sink in? It's not today though. Via a quick description of how electron microscopes work, the siblings get on a mission to understand what makes cells different to one another. They look at the different organelles that can give cells the abilities they need. Starting with jizz obviously. Ron tries to explain to Laura what DNA is and what it's up to. She manages to not talk about chicken.   If you're enjoying Lexx Education don't forget to give us a rating wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe so that you never miss an episode and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok - LexxEducation.   Lexx Education are so grateful to the team at Podspike for all their help in marketing the podcast. If you are looking for marketing assistance or any advice on how to successfully launch a podcast then make sure to contact Podspike for information on best practices and help cracking podcast publicity.   Powered by podspike.com

Monday Jul 04, 2022

Welcome back science fans! Physics Lesson 1 is about to begin... having beaten biology and conquered chemistry, Laura is back to form a physics philosophy (it was the best we could think of for that, shut up). Physics doesn't so much get off with a bang, more of a teensy weensy whimper of pain as Laura realises she hates physics and Ron is forced to admit he's not that keen on it either. The siblings start to learn about standard units of measurement, and how to calculate energy transfers. Laura soon realises that unless she can put something into practical use it is largely pointless and thus begins the procedure of making all science about her dog so that she cares. Do you have any better ideas for how to get physics into Laura's brain? Get in touch. You can email us at lexxeducation@gmail.com, or you can contact LexxEducation on all the social media platforms where we will be happy to chat all things science and learning with you.   If you're enjoying the podcast please do like and subscribe. All the love we receive from you helps us to find new people through the algorithm.   An AI generated transcript of this episode is available here: https://lexxeducation.blogspot.com/2022/07/episode-3-is-that-lentils-bulgur-wheat.html   See you next week when we are back to biology...   Powered by podspike.com

Monday Jul 04, 2022

Welcome back to the lab! This week brother/sister duo Laura and Ron are back in learning mode and embarking on the chemistry leg of their adventure. Ron gives Laura a potted history of the periodic table and the discovery of atoms. He attempts to rectify a lifetime of white washing of scientific plaudits by covering the immensely interesting history of the sciences. Laura tries to be impressed but doesn't really understand. The Plum Pudding model is where things really get spicy for Laura as she finally gets her head round something only to find it isn't true and there was no point Ron telling her about it. Whose side are you on so far? Is Laura just plain sponge headed or does Ron need to find a new tack to teach her? You can get involved on all the science chat with us, we are @LexxEducation on instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube and tiktok so do come over and say hi and let us know how you're getting on with the quizzes. If you're enjoying Lexx Education please do give us a like and subscribe on your podcast app.   An AI generated transcript of this episode is available here: https://lexxeducation.blogspot.com/2022/07/episode-2-bob-marley-and-sad-boys.html   Powered by podspike.com

Monday Jul 04, 2022

Fire up your Bunsen burners and join award-winning comedian Laura Lexx as she attempts to pass her Science GCSEs (all over again) with the help of nerdy younger brother, Ron. Every week the squabbling siblings dissect a topic from the baddest educational document on the planet - the UK’s National Curriculum.   Lesson One is in Biology. Ron's favourite subject. He starts Laura off with cells: getting to know the different types of cell and the different parts of a cell. Laura uses her own very individual methods to try to remember the differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes.   Expect singing, swearing and a lot of frustrated sighs from Ron as he tries to reteach Laura things she almost certainly learned twenties years ago but has done her best to forget in the meantime.   If you enjoyed this episode, and want to be the first little cell in our growing organism then give us a positive review:    Question for the teacher? Raise your hand over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You can find us by searching Lexx Education on any of those platforms and let us know how you got on with the quiz. An AI generated transcript of this episode is available here: https://lexxeducation.blogspot.com/2022/07/episode-1-lego-brick-full-of-meccano.html   Next week, we move on to chemistry, so test tubes at the ready...   Powered by podspike.com

Saturday Jun 04, 2022

Star of Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, Hypothetical, Roast Battle & The Comedy Club, Laura Lexx has conquered the comedy world. She's won all the awards and got nothing left to prove... but can she translate that achievement to another subject?! Her younger brother Ron loves science. He studied molecular biology at UCL and would like nothing more than to be able to chat science with his sister. But, science and Laura are like oil and water. Can he help her pass a Science GCSE?


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